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The ZEQUENZ brand of unique and innovative office and personal stationery products was established in 2008 by the Zenith Enterprise, a leader in specialized paper making since 1989. Driven by the inspiration of creative design, the integrity of material used, and the necessity of quality construction, ZEQUENZ produced its first line of personal journals in the iconic and signature 360° collection.

True to the dedication of providing the best products for the unique lifestyle, ZEQUENZ continues to develop and produce premium writing and personal office products for the likes of writers and journalists, business individuals, artists, architects, designers, and any passionate individual.


Founded in 1883, Foundation of the Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik (Heidelberg dip pen factory) by the gentlemen Luce and Enßlen. Although the Kaweco name was not listed in the  Heidelberg directory until 1889. Wooden dip pens are produced; fountain pens and golden nibs are imported from Morton in New York.

In 1994, The h & m gutberlet gmbh acquires the „KAWECO“ name and re-launches a new Sport series based on the Kaweco Sport design from 1935. These nifty pocket writing instruments are available as fountain pens, rollerballs, ball pens, push pencils and clutch pencils. Diplomat becomes the exclusive sales partner. This business relationship is maintained until 1999, when Diplomat is sold.

Kaweco begins building a world-wide sales network under the aegis of the h&m gutberlet gmbh. With the help of local distributors in different countries, Kaweco products are sold to many nations. The product range continuously expands. Classic design and high-quality manufacturing are still at the core of the brand’s philosophy today. Currently, Kaweco writing instruments are available in over 40 countries.

Y Studio

Made by the local factories in Taiwan, each of the stationery from ystudio is manufactured by the scorching heat ofone thousand degrees in furnace, and characterized by the masters

’hands with decades of experience. Although the stationery carried a little bit weight and some rust on it which reflects that the products are absolutely honest and durable just like the people who live inTaiwan.

The color of copper would be changed by different users and various environments yet this is also its unique feature.The oxide is harmless. It would restore its original luster by wiping with copper oil. Without any surface treatment, we hope each product can mantain its individual marks by the constant use of owner. Please experience and enjoy this one-

of-the-kind beauty of copper.

The brassing on the metal surface was accumulated through time. With the brassing, we can trace back the process that the user applied on the object and learn about their personal memory and story. Also, you can create a personalized brassing effect by removing the paint on the surface with individual preference.This process provides a unique experience to have a creative and original product that you have never had before.


Originated in Japan, Helvetica series is the product of Itoya, Japan. The famous series are available in 4 distinctive colors, Red, Black, Grey and White. The stationery line includes Pens, Pencils, Leads, Boxes and File holders.  With its high quality and minimal design, Helvetica series became many people's favorite product.

Now available not only in Japan but the world, wherever you are, you can have a chance to own one of these product lines and experience what the people of Japan has been having the privilege to experience before. Exclusively available here in Studio360 for all the Thai peeps and you too!